Masterclass for baking of larks

Year by year, for the feast of the incoming of spring, the Holy Forty (March 22), each Ukrainian hostess baked the ritual cookie in the form of 40 larks (storks) and pass them around to the kids. The kids scampered along the crop fields and hills, while throwing them up to the sky or holding them strung onto the cherry-tree twig, calling the birds from hot countries. 

People believed that forty species of migrating birds will come back from hot countries after that, and the magpie will put the first forty twigs into its nest.

The dough larks represent a symbol of incoming Spring, renewal of nature, fertility and welfare. After the calls, the storks either became sweets for the kids or were put up onto the twigs for the birds to have food while flying back, or they were kept behind the icons and considered as health-giving: when someone fell ill, they were given with a piece of that lark and recovered! 

In the course of time, the moulding technology for that winged miracle cookies extended also to the decorations of wedding loaves, cracknels-nests, etc., since it allowed creating an extraordinary bird using simple manipulations.

The process of lark making is very interesting and exciting, and will never let you be indifferent since a piece of dough becomes miraculously a small bird, which will surely bring spring joy to the hearts of adults and kids. 

So we kindly invite you to join this incredible fairy tale and make you own miracle-small storks to have your soul and home full of blooming spring! 


You can order the masterclass by calling us 099-500-900-8