Bijouterie decorations

The decorations made with one's own hands became recently quite popular since own works are always original as well as unique. Besides, each thing made with your own hands will hold your warmth and energy.

It happens often that we want to put on some dress or a blouse and we cannot pick up a decoration suitable for it. If you are able to make the decorations with your own hands, you will never face the above problem.


You will be able to get familiar with the tools, materials, bijouterie techniques necessary for manufacture of decorations at our masterclass: threading, handling of round pliers and flat pliers, working with bijouterie pins, tacks and ringlets, technique of "knots", connection of decorations based on a chord and stoppers, methods for use of small chains, various kinds of bases, accessories, pendants and beads.

You will be able to make incredible decorations (earrings, beads, bracelets) using some of them, which will become wonderful presents for you or somebody of your folk. 

They often say that the decorations should be made by women as they are better in that. In fact, these are the men who evaluate how attractive the decorations are and whether they suit women. That is why men are often more gifted designers for women ornaments. So we welcome both women and men at our masterclass. Please, come, create and gladden your beloved and yourselves. 


You can order a quilling masterclass by calling us 099-500-900