Pysanka writing

The masterclass for pysanka writing is one of mysterious masterclasses!

You don't even realize at the beginning of the class how a simple egg transforms into marvellous decoration.

The participants of the masterclass for pysanka writing will have an opportunity to learn the meaning of coded characters, cognize regional specifics of pysanka writing and will learn writing pysnaka using traditional ornaments. And the handy woman will surely have to share her secrets of mastery! While selecting pysanka pattern, each of the participants can create own masterpiece, maybe not such exquisite as that of handy woman but unique in your own fashion since it is most probably your first pysanka made with your own hands.

Such classes offer a real opportunity to feel the folk culture, everyday life of the Ukrainians. This is a good chance to note some new attributes in each other: for the parents to see creative skills of their children, for the children to learn something new in their life or even initiate new creative inclinations, for a peer group to communicate in informal creative environment.


The masterclass is delivered by a folk handy woman, one of the gifted pysanka writers of Ukraine, whose works can be seen at many exhibitions and ethno-fairs.

You can order the masterclass by calling us 099-500-900-8


You can buy pysanka made by craftspeople at the souvenir shop in the territory of the museum.