Vytynanka (Papercutting) (originates from "витинати" (eng – to cut)) is an ancient Ukrainian national decorative art, which is deeply rooted and steeped in traditions. These are subject and ornate works of the house, which are lace- or silhouette-cut with scissors, with a knife or hollowed out with a hatchet on paper, timber or other plant material.


Actually, vytynanka has been well-known in Ukraine in the form of paper decoration since the second half of the 19th century. From the middle and especially from the end of the 19th century, when paper became an affordable material for many segments of the people, vytynanka penetrated into rural life and "settled down" in peasant's huts for long. Comprehensibility and easiness of the techniques and various effects, which arise during folding of paper under different patterns, made vytynanka a traditional decoration of Ukrainian dwelling, and it gained wide acceptance quite quickly in certain regions.

Vytynanky amplified often the hut paintings. They were placed on the walls (wallpaper and carpet vytynanky), stuck with lengthwise strips under the ceiling, along the beam, around the windows. Along with paintings on the furnace, embroidered towels, carved wooden household belongings and woven fabrics, vytynanky formed the basis of holistic and unique interior of Ukrainian rustic home.


The Ukrainians made special vytynanky on holidays: in the form of snowflake-starlets, cross, in the forms of periwinkle or angel figures. Cross-vytynanka was a churinga; it was hung on the beam, where child's cradle hung.

The classes in this art are especially useful for children since vytynanka develops fine motor skills, spatial thinking, virtuosity. 

The adults will have an opportunity to plunge mentally into old times during a workshop and feel themselves the hosts, who introduce beauty and cosiness into their home, or cut out festive painted Easter eggs, angels or Christmas little stars in mysterious silence on the eve of Easter or Christmas holidays...

The outcome of the masterclass will be vytynanka made with your own hands and stuck on paper frame - a real traditional home decoration!


You can order a quilling group masterclass by calling us 099-500-900-8 



Різдвяні витинанки


Великодні витинанки



Витинанки з рослинною тематикою


Витинанки з рослинно-тваринною тематикою



Витинанка за мотивами петриківського розпису



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