Southern Hut

Hut from Yerky village, Myrhorod area, Poltava region

Південна хата 117

Being built in 1823, this hut is one of the oldest in the museum. It has been transported from Yerky village, Myrhorod area, Poltava region. This is a reed covered pise building with wooden framework. In the process of transportation, we have preserved all the wooden parts of the structure. Reconstruction works have been performed according to the traditional technology – with bare hands and feet. Due to its unique structure, the building is the warmest during wintertime and the coolest in summer among all the huts presented in the museum.

Special features of peasant dwellings in Poltava region have been being formed by generations of folk masters. Building traditions of this region have certain differences in planning, construction, ways of thatching, as well as rooms’ placement and utilization.

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The hut consists of three rooms: a living room (which was traditionally called hut), an anteroom, and a storeroom. Traditional planning comprised certain inner organization. An integral part of the hut used to be a stove occupying considerable part of its space. It was located to the left of the entrance door. The initial stove in this hut had not been preserved; its reconstruction has been conducted in accordance with similar models exposed in the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (Pyrohovo). The stove bears traditional forms and demonstrates the achievements of stove making of the beginning of the 20th century. Near the stove is located a wooden deck used for sleeping that occupies the entire left corner of the hut. By the walls stand broad wooden benches.

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The ceiling is supported by a massive transverse joist. On the joist lie four longitudinal girders to which boards covered with a thick layer of reed are attached. The ceiling and the walls are covered with clay and whitewashed. The floor is earthen. The light penetrates into the hut through four windows which have broad inside sills due to thick walls. There is also a small ventilation window in the storeroom. The outer walls are whitewashed too; their lower parts are decorated with sand-coloured painting outlined by light brown stripe. For walls painting, natural coloured clay was used.

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