General description

Discover for yourself comfortable open-air recreation!
When holidays are coming or it is a quiet evening after a hard working day; you are planning a small family celebration or a party for friends, then come to us!
We offer you the barbecue complexes for open-air recreation near Kyiv which are located in the park recreational area of the Ethnographic Complex “Ukrainian Village”.
Our barbecue complexes are set in different places wide apart from each other.

Вarbecue complex №1, 2, 3 – for 10 people.


Large barbecue complex №1, 2 – for 24 people.


Stubs №1, 3 – for 6 people.


Ethno-pavilion for 120 people.

To make open-air recreation less troublesome for you, in each of the barbecue complexes and in the ethno-pavilion we offer the following utility items you can use:

• Barbecue 1 pcs.
• Skewers 10 pcs.
• Knife 1 pcs.
• Corkcrew 1 pcs.
• Cutting board 1 pcs.
• Blower 1 pcs.
• Damper 1 pcs.
• Kindling paper
• Bundle of firewood 1 pcs.

All the recreational complexes are supplied with running clear drinking spring water which quality is verified by the water quality certificate placed by each of the taps (except for the Stubps in the linden lane and the Stubs in the birch lane).
Resting in our barbecue complexes, you can see the Ethnographic Complex, play with your children at the playground, and use water closets provided with disposable paper towels and toilet paper.

Working hours of the barbecue complexes – daily in shifts:
First shift 10:00-15:00
Second shift 15:30-20:30
Note: if the number of your guests exceeds the numbers above, it will be charged extra!
Staying at the Complex territory, please follow the next rules:
• Entrance to the Ethnographic Complex “Ukrainian Village” is permitted from 10:00 to 20:30.
• No admittance with animals, no cycling or driving motorbikes within the territory.
• Smoking and drinking alcohol in designated areas only (Barbecue complexes, Stubs, Ethno-pavilion).
• Please don’t switch on any audio devices.
• Please maintain order: don’t litter, don’t pick flowers, don’t pluck greenery, don’t fish or swim in the lake.
• It is forbidden to carry out of the territory any Complex equipment.
• Parents, please watch your children.
• Please comply with requests of the service staff to follow these rules.
We recommend you to reserve barbecue complexes beforehand.
Please contact the Complex administrator +38 (099) 333-0770.


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